Thursday, August 9, 2007


Wow it's 5:45 AM here. I'm blogging EARLY for a change, lol!

Okay so I updated all the Hide and Seek Challenge links below. We would LOVE to hear your favorites if you aren't entering. Most of the CT has their votes in so either way, we will announce the winners sometime later today! YAYYYY...FINALLY, huh, lol.

Oh yea and I forgot to address the fact that a few of you said you had NOT gotten your coupons and/or GC's yet. I will get those out to you today. Thanks for letting me know! :)

Okay, I am gonna go get some sleep now. See ya soon! :)


zlawell said...

I was waiting until today to see if I'd received my gc&coupon, but nothing yet. I participated in all the challenges.

AnnieP said...

Wow.. I was still sleeping when you blogged this morning. I don't know how you guys are gonna pick a winner. They were all fantastic layouts. I can't wait to see who the winners are. I wasn't too worried about the GC. I figure it will get to me eventually. I'll check back to see if the winners are posted. Have a great day.

Hugs, Annie

Sarah said...

You are one crazy woman! I didn't leave a comment here about my GC, but I sent you an email... I'm sure your inbox is always swamped though! Anyway... how do you survive with your little boy when you don't sleep much or sleep at crazy times? You're like wonder woman!

Sharon said...

Hmmm sorry to bug you but Im another one that didnt get the GC. I was about to check it out on DST to make sure I did all the challenges and posted them when it was offline. Anyway you can get me on DST under sharuth. Sorry to be a pain though.

Kristen McD said...

I still haven't gotten mine either. :( kcmcd on DST.

Sharon said...

Now I feel like a real bug (sticky little bush fly actually) but I still havent gotten mine. I'll take my sticky little fly and fly away now. Have a good holiday!