Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hide and Seek Challenge!!!

OMG, these layouts are SERIOUSLY SOOOO FABULOUS!! Lauren on my CT put them all together for us to look through and vote but the PROBLEM is DST gallery is still down. You KNOW that I want to announce these winners just as bad as you wanna know who they are, lol. But I guess we need to wait until the gallery comes back up because only a few of the CT members have gotten to vote. We also want to know YOUR PICK!!! I will post links to all the submitted entries. When the gallery is back up, will you PRETTY PLEASE tell us your top 3 IN ORDER, hehe. Even if you don't feel comfortable voting, YALL MUST GO TAKE A LOOK, these are SERIOUSLY WOW!!! And there are pretty BIG prizes being given too :).

I'm sorry you all that entered are having to wait. Then again, I KNOW you all know things happen. I am feeling REALLY bad for Shannon (Owner/Founder of DST) and her family right now too. She must be going through SO MUCH stress and that poor girl has a baby on the way. Keep praying for her. Let's hear your votes and we will announce our BIG WINNERS SOON!

Here are our entries...gosh, I HOPE these links work, if not I will be back to update when the Gallery is up...

Summer Visit
Sunday Gravy
Rupa Suja
My Girls
Shadow Playing
Pirate vs Ninja
The Faces I Love
Daddy Is Flying
Future Chef
Two Big Friends
Discover Life


AnnieP said...

I'm definitely going to check them out. I think the gallery is up as I am looking at one of the entries. LOL...

JenBreeze said...

Aren't they all good?! I won't cast my vote, since I wouldn't be able to narrow it down either (and I must vote for myself. :) But DST is indeed back up so your CT can continue the deliberation. In the meantime, we'll wait patiently!

GretA said...

My first choice...
daddy is flying

Second is Rupa Suja

Third is My Girls

Good luck to all of you!!!

Michelle Filo said...

I wont vote because I am running and I really like my layout ;) but you are definatelly right, there are some great layout in there :)

PsychMajorMama said...

I LOVE "Bonsai" It is my favorite of the challenge layouts - WOW!

barbara (seniorgal) said...

There are too many great layouts here, think you should use a random generator to pick, or else give them all the first place prize. Ha ha!!

Katka said...
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Katka said...

I don´t know, if I can vote too...? My choice is:
1. Daddy Is Flying by Dypecek
2. Shadow Playing by BettyJoR
3. Play by jeprdy
But the rest of LOs are very nice too.

Ana Amorim said...

There are great layouts in there! And I really love "Roupa Suja" by Michelle Fillo - it is wonderful! :)

Mic said...

Well, just one pick, right? ;c)
So, i choose "Rupa Suja" from Michelle Filo.

Jamie said...

My picks are
My Girls
Discover Explore Life

Aninha Reis said...

I love "Rupa Suja" by Michelle Filo.