Tuesday, August 7, 2007


So I think I finally got ALL of the coupons and gift cards sent out yesterday. YAYYYY!!! I had lots of help from some CT gals so that was a GOOD! I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE giving away stuff and this time there were SOO MANY of you. Gosh there must have been at least 30 of you that completed all 7 of our Grand Opening challenges, that is SOOOO AWESOME! But you all should have your 25% off coupon, the $10 gift card for completing all 7 challenges and of course all of our BIG winners coupons also.

Well I tell ya I have been a little overwhelmed with all the stuff I just let build up around here during our Grand Opening month. Not work stuff because for the most part we TRY to stay caught up on that. But do us women not have SOOO MANY duties or WHAT? lol. I know I am like the WORST at concentrating on ONE thing and not all the others too, that is JUST ME. But I swear I must have made a list a MILE long of stuff that needs to be done around here. I just HATE it when I let it all build up like that, ya know? I just want it fixed ALL in one day, rofl.
My sons birthday is even coming up on the 11th, yea, like THIS Saturday. He is turning 3 so it's not like that age where he REALLY realizes what we are doing but he kinda does, you know? Originally I was thinking we would have his party at a place called "Pump it Up" but it might be too late now, hahaa. Pump it up is SO MUCH FUN though. It's a place indoors where they have 2-3 rooms of these HUGE bounce houses. Even the adults have a BLAST! It's kinda funny though because when we went there for my nieces birthday a few months ago, I had SOOOO MUCH fun, WAY TOO much fun actually. It's like I forget I get older though. rofl The next day I am not even sure I could get out of the BED, I was SO DARN sore, lol! But we'll see...most likely we will just hang here at home and have family over. He doesn't really have that many friends anyway considering he stays at home with me. The only ones he DOES have is at the church and mothers day and he has been out for summer.

Anyhow, we are having a REALLY hard time judging our winners for the Hide and Seek Challenge. All of these entries are SERIOUSLY AWESOME!!! I had even thought to ask you that didn't enter to helpus judge but I would need to get these loaded n a slide show or something. We DO have the thread over at DST thst we started way back when but I can't seem to even get IN TO DST right now. That's WEIRD, is something up??? I will keep checking and get these layouts posted there so you can all see. They are just FABULOUSSS! We will choose a winner today though, PROMISE. We started to yesterday but the team has so many favorites, lol.

We will need to shut down the Shoppe for a few days. I had told you that we did some MAJOR upgrades right before the Grand Opening so we could increase bandwidth and all. Yet we just kinda did a temporary fix by moving all to .net rather than .com for it to work. So NOW we need to move it all back to .com and that will take us a few days. I will ask Lauren when she is up for doing this and I will keep you posted!! If you want to Shoppe with your coupons and gift cards you just might want to do that SOON. Otherwise, I am HOPING, not promising but HOPING to have some new stuff up by the time we re-open. There is really a LOT of things I am wanting to do for you all, make, etc. yet I have GOT to get caught up around this place too before I LOSE my mind, lol. The MAJOR one being to get BACK on a BETTER sleeping schedule. That way maybe I can be back to blogging at 7-8am rather than 7-8pm, hahahah!!

Off to see what's up with DST and our Hide and Seek winners. ttys!


djmom70 said...

**raises her hand***

I didn't receive the Songbird gift card yet. Again, not in a hurry, but you said everything was distributed.

:) Deb
djmom70 at cox dot net

AnnieP said...

Good to see ya. I'll have to check to see if I got my GC. I didn't have it as of today. DST is down. Waaahh... totally stinks. I hope it gets back up and going soon. I need my DST fix. lol

Can't wait to see more new products, but for now try to get back on a sleep schedule. Happy b-day to the little guy.

Hugs, Annie

BaKsKaF said...

There was a fire at DST's service center so the center was shut down. So DST probably won't be up today.. Looking forward to seeing new things in the store!

jenn7 said...

See you've already been told what is up with DST ... I know I'm missing my fix too! So bummed I didn't get a chance to play in any of the awesome challenges you had, so many Christina goodies I have sitting there waiting to be played with and I haven't had a chance!!

dodo said...

I wanted to stop by and thank you so so much for the Coupon & GC. You & your girls work so hard to keep us fanatics satisfied and happy. Thank You Thank You Thank You !!!!!

kiwicpk said...

Hi All
I only just found CRD so im really looking forward to the NEXT challenge....cheers Kim from New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Hope your little guy has a VERY happy bday, and that you have a good time, too! :)

Have a great week!
Kim (kinderkim)

Meghan (FlirtatiousBrat) said...

TY Christina for the GC and coupon :) I have received mine and can't wait to use it :) Thanks again!!


Michelle Filo said...

yeah, I am going crazy without DST :)
thank you soooooooo much for the gift card! that is so extra generous :)
I hope you and your family have a great time torgether on your little one's birthday, whatever you do :)

Jennifer said...

Just want to add my thanks Christina! Hope all goes well with the birthday celebration and the schedule/to do list!

Sondie said...

Happy Birthday to your little man! Will we get to see a pic or two of him from the party?

I haven't been able to get into DST yesterday at all and still having trouble getting in this AM. Would it be possible for you to send my GC & coupon to my email?

sondie621 at gmail dot com

Thanks so much Christina!

Shawna said...

I participated in all the challenges as well & have not yet received my GC or coupon either. My username @ DST is Shawna. Thank you!

Shawna Taylor