Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm BACK...catching up on EMAILS and PM's!

Hey all, I just wanted you to know we got back from our little mini vacation yesterday. I am cathing up on PM's and emails today. I have LOADS but I wanted to post this to say I will try to take care of you just as SOON as possible. Thank you for being patient if you sent one!

ALSO, I can't find you, email you, track you down WITHOUT an email addy, lol. So, if you need something, haven't received something (gift card for example) or want or expect ANY type of reponse from me.... PLEASE, PRETTTTTTTY PLEASE leave me your email addy with your comment! :)

Sorry to cut this short, I haven't slept AGAIN (trying to get to lots of these emails) and I'm BEAT :(!



Anonymous said...

Well, first off Welcome Back!
The link to contact you isn't active for me so I'm just gonna hope you get this message...I did get your grab bag on the 23rd...and I had so much trouble with my browser continuously crashing during the downloads, some of the files I ran out of trys? And I'm just not sure I eventually got everything that was suppose to be in the bag...
Could you please send me a list of all the files that should have been in it, and then I'll be able to know what I am missing? I understand you are swamped with emails so will wait patiently :)
my email address is:
Thanks so much!
PS I absolutely LOVE all your designs!
cindy j

Michelle{PlumTuckered} said...

Good golly Girl, get some sleep!!
Welcome Home!

aka PlumTuckered

lukasmummy said...

Just wanted to send you some (((((hugs))))) hugs Crystal xx

Anonymous said...

Welcome home!! :) Hope you had a GREAT time, and that you're getting some rest.

I just LOVED, loved, loved your GB, grungy notes, and the hide and seek kit--can't wait to see what's coming up next.

If you get/got a chance to check on my GC issue, I can be reached at

Thanks so much, and hope your week is great!!

Kim (kinderkim)

Rona said...

Welcome back, Christina!!!

Carolyn said...

Yay!! Glad you're back : )

Just wanted to also say thanks for the grab bag, it really is AWESOME!!

kiwicpk said...

yeah i loved both the grab bag and hide and seek, totally fab as always!!!
hope you had a nice restful time away....
bye for now

Jennifer said...

I just want to add my THANKS!!!! The Hide and Seek Kit and the Grab Bag are wonderful. Lovin' CR style!

Gurl On The Sun said...

First off, welcome back. email = I, unfortanately was the one who started the whole "not happy with the grab bag" thing. HOWEVER, I do hope that you go back to the thread and read my reply to your response....

Dawn AKA Gurlonthesun

Sharon said...

Oh darn! I thought I had put my email addy up on my post about the $10 challenge GC. Anyway here it is: sharuthATaaptDOTnetDOTau

Tanja said...

Hello Christina...
at first, welcome back!!! Hope you had a great vacation!!!

Secondly I would like to say you a big Thank you for all your work! I really LOVES your stuff!
Every time when I'm uncreativ I only have to open my "Christina Renee" Folder, I I have great ideas and can scrap LOL

Ok... and I have a little question...
I think it's within 1 month ago, you had a item we could bye at your blog (if I understand it right) for only 1 $...
I have waiting for it, but can't download anything,
so I have a question LOL
What have I byed there?
I haven't look at it, only have by it, go to PayPal and payed LOL
It would be great if you could answer me ;)

Have a great evening
(And sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand me a little bit)

trinad said...

Hey Christina.... just wanted to send you a whole lot of loving. Please know that your work is very much appreciated by not only your CT member but your very loyal fans. Chin up and keep up with all your GREAT work. Luv and hugs to such a wonderful designer.

Jane @ My Scrapping Life said...

Just want to say welcome back. I only discovered CRD a few weeks ago via a credit in a layout I admired on a gallery (um, somewhere). I've become a big fan -- bought lots of your stuff already. Been checking the store & blog daily for MORE! Looking forward to the new challenges you mentioned and generally making a nuisance of myself round abouts your shop and gallery. Thanks for the fun inspiration. Cheers.

Jane from My Scrapping Life
My blog:

(BTW, just started this new blog and there are some CRD products in my site header -- and lots more will appear on my site, I'm sure!)

Mary said...

welcome back Christina!! we sure did miss you!!!