Monday, September 10, 2007

My First Apprentice!!!!

Good morninggggg! So how are ya today??

Me? I am EXCITED, THRILLED, ANXIOUS and a little tired, lol. So I have been keeping a little secret :(. Most of why I just haven't bloged because I can't keep secrets, lol! Okay so do yall remember WAYYYYYYYY back when I said I was collabing with a BRAND NEW designer? Well TODAY, I get to reveal her to you!!! YAYY! We had decided to put off the collaboration because things got SO crazy for me during the Grand Opening. But we will still be doing one that will be out the 16th of this month!

Okay, so the designer is.................................. Amy Hutchinson! :) Amy is a true artist, she really is!! You can look at Amy's gallery and tell that right away. She is known for her fabulous blending techniques and her most FAVORITE elements...Circles! I had asked Amy a while back if she had ever thought of designing? She wasn't too sure, hehe. Well I have a TRUE passion of helping people achieve their dreams so I was all up for helping Amy if she was interested. I also know that when I started to design, I couldn't get ANY information out of anyone, lol. I worked really hard for about 3 months solid, figuring it all out on my own. Now I want it share it. I will admit though, I taught Amy a FEW things but this girl's GOT IT! She is sweet as can be. SO CREATIVE and MOST of all INNOVATIVE! Her style, her designs and her Shoppe on the way are truly HER and a one of a Kind! I have asked Amy to join me at the Shoppe for the rest of September as my very FIRST Apprentice! Amy will be selling a few exclusive items here at CRD during her stay! So please help me welcome my first Apprentice, Amy Hutchinson!!!

Now, many of you know that I absolutely LOVE and adore my Creative Team. Well out f no-where they asked Amy (which is on my CT), if she needed help sporting her goodies. Ladies, I must say these girls ROCKED her stuff.........WOW OH WOWIE!!! So I wanted to show you those layouts featuring Amy's new designs you can look forward to. Now this stuff will be in her very own Shoppe next week. So check these baby's out....

(CRUD!! I's not letting me upload for some reason!! ARGGG!!!) I'll post when I figure it out here) Sorry!

Also, I have lots of new stuff! YAYYYY, I know can you believe it?? lol. I almost can't! Things have just been so stinkin chaotic, I can't seem to catch my breath lately! You would THINK that working from home wouldn't be SOOOOO..... stressful, WRONG! Lemme tell you, I used to be the Property Director over many large apartment communities. I have had up to 25 employees under me and I must admit, THIS IS SO MUCH HARDER!!! I don't know what it is...I guess just the balancing between family and work, family and work...oh it's CRAZY! So I am sorta setting myself up to take a little time off. I didn't want to go away without creating you some NEW STUFFS! That would be SO TRAUMATIC, wouldn't it?? lol

So here's the deal...I have working fast and furious to get stuff done, I'm STILL not there!!! :( So what I will do, is upload things as I finish them today. Amy's goodies are already in the Shoppe now! I have uploaded a few things that are older but I never had put in the Shoppe. I knew Amy was coming on, so I did set up a MONTH LONG COUPON as well.... 20% off any order all month. The code is CRDSeptPromo!

Thank you all SO MUCH for your kind words here, by email and Pm's They have really cheered me up and many times I needed it! :(. So thank you!

A couple more things so you don't think I forgot....

  • Got some stitches coming your way sometime this week!
  • All that purchased the Exotic Adventure kit, your smart, bwhaaaaaa..KIDDING. No but I made you a thank you gift and will send it out this week. It's kinda funky, lol.
  • I wanted to give you all the UN-Shadowed version of the Grab Bag flowers. So I am working on a blog freebie that will have those and some other styles in it :). Will be up this week as well!
  • Finally, the Songbird RAK's...they were SOOOO... nice over there! They FORCED me to take a refund AND the gift cards. Can you believe that?? So I will send you a gift card to SBA AND one to my Shoppe since it's been so long :(. I will get those out ths week as well!

I think that's it for today. I need to go finish my stuff before my body decides it needs sleep. lol. Talk to you soon! :)


Megan said...

YAY! How cool for Amy and I can't WAIT to see her store and that Collab!! :) And WOW, Christina...MORE NEW STUFF from you too! I'm sooooo excited!! Off to check out the store(s) now and CONGRATS AMY!!!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations to Amy and she's apprentice to a wonderful designer! Talented and sweet. I'm so excited to see the products and the LO's from the creative team! You're amazing Christina - I don't know how you do it all!

dodo said...

so happy for you. nice to see you so excited and now i am to. have to go to the shop but congrats Amy love what i have seen of your stuff

kiwicpk said...

all the new stuff looks fantastic...well done ladies.....gonna have a buy up before the end of the month for sure.... :-)
three cheers to CRD

Anonymous said...

OO i bought the kit..LOL...LOVE it as i do all your so happy you got your apprentice...anyone that can work with you is me your one of my fav designers and i love your stuff:)


trinad said...

Welcome Amy and I can't begin to tell you how much your designs are a for sure "HOT" item. Way to go girl and Congrats. Wishing you tons of luck and much happiness!! {hugs}

Laura said...

I am so excited for you and Amy! Super fab! I am off to check out the new goodies! (Thanks for being you Christina!)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise to read your blog today! I had purchased the Miles kit awhile ago and actually emailed Amy about her awesome heart that she contributed. I am so excited to hear about this. Congratulations! Wow, how can I get in line to be an apprentice?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a newbie to your little corner of the world, but I want to know if something is still available. I saw a lo at Scrapartist by Chud 23...Love at first sight and in it she used a tiny bunch of sewn together flowers. Said it was from a Grab Bag...I've looked all over your site and I can't find it. Could you let me know if it's available, and if so, how to conduct the search...what name?? Also wanted to add:...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your designs!!! You rock, girl!!!
Thank you!
Kathi Townzen

Anonymous said...

You couldn't have chosen a more talented gal to be your apprentice. I love Amy's designs and she is a wonderful person too! Love YOUR new stuff too Christina.

kpollinger said...

Wow Thank you!Can't wait to se what you guys do!